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Back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal conditions for people to have. Around 8 in 10 people will suffer from back pain during their lifetime, and back pain is the third most common cause to visit the GP.

Fortunately, most back pain can be treated very effectively with osteopathy or other physical therapy based treatments. At the Medstead Osteopathic Practice, we treat back pain with a range of drug-free therapies including osteopathy, acupuncture and sports massage. Our qualified and experienced therapists offer treatment at our Medstead and Alton clinics, and booking is easy with our online system.

What Are the Causes of Back Pain?

There are many potential causes of back pain. In some cases they may be obvious – such as an injury – or it could be related to chronic conditions, for example sciatica or scoliosis. However, many back pains are caused by lifestyle factors such as poor work posture, workstation set-up or simply spending too much time in the same position, and are easily treatable.

Back pain can also be caused by another a problem elsewhere in the body, causing a change in posture to compensate for that issue. For example, if you have a foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, this may cause you to walk differently to avoid the painful area, causing a secondary effect in your spine.

There is also evidence of the impact that an unhealthy lifestyle can have on spinal health – particularly factors like smoking, being overweight, eating unhealthily or drinking.

Treatments for Back Pain

Many people treat occasional back pain at home for example with heat pads, exercises or over the counter remedies. However, if your back pain doesn’t go away after a few days it is advisable to see a physical therapist. An experienced physical therapist such as an osteopath or physiotherapist will be able to assess the underlying causes, give you treatment that targets the root of the problem rather than simply masking the pain, and also give you advice on keeping your back healthy in future.

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See a physical therapist if your back pain is persistent

Back Pain and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a common cause of back pain. The added weight of carrying a baby pulls the body forward, causing stress on the spine and back muscles. Pregnancy hormones can also cause a softening of certain spinal structures, leading to greater susceptibility to back pain, or related conditions such as sciatica.

If you have any questions about our treatments and what is best for you, please book a free call with us to discuss how we can help.

Our Approach to Back Pain 

We provide a range of physical therapy treatments to alleviate back pain. Our therapists are qualified and registered with all the relevant professional bodies, such as the General Osteopathic Council and the Institute of Osteopathy. 

At your first appointment your therapist will give you a thorough examination both of any painful areas and of your general biomechanics, give you an accurate diagnosis of your back pain, and explain how it can be treated and how many sessions you are likely to need. You can read more on our what to expect page.

We are first contact practitioners, trained to assess patients in the first instance and able to refer you for further diagnostic tests if necessary, or to another service if our therapies are not the most appropriate for your particular case.

Keeping your Back Healthy in the Future

There are many lifestyle factors that can affect your back pain, such as workstation setup, mattress, and exercises or stretches to help keep your back healthy. These differ from person to person, so the right stretch or mattress for one person’s back may not be helpful for someone else.

We are able to give you advice on your unique spine and biomechanics, and how to maintain a healthy spine and avoid pain in the future.

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We can advise you on lifestyle factors to help your back pain

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The information on this page has been reviewed for accuracy by Michael Boyd BSc (Hons) Ost, Osteopath and Practice Manager at the Medstead Osteopathic Practice.

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