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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing (ZB) is a gentle yet powerful hands-on technique that balances body energy and physical structure. Using finger pressure and held stretches, it invites the release of tension accumulated in the deep structures of the body. The quality of touch provides a point of stillness around which the body can relax, offering the opportunity to let go of unease and pain, both physically and emotionally, bringing about a sense of well-being and body-felt unity. Zero Balancing also promotes a sense of quietness and centeredness within body and mind, helping a person to adapt with more ease to everyday life changes. The respectful clarity of the touch is both restorative and affirming to receive.

How can zero balancing help?

Zero Balancing can be beneficial for many people and effective in a variety of ways. At one level it may relieve physical pain, release held tensions, and improve overall body functioning. On a broader level, it is particularly helpful in dealing with stress and stress related conditions or illnesses.

Stress reduction
Zero Balancing encourages body energy to flow smoothly through the structures of the body, helping to release stress patterns and relax the body and the mind.

Body pain and tension
Pain often occurs where energy flow is blocked or weakened due to emotional or life problems, or as a result of accident or illness. Zero Balancing works with the whole body, and specific areas of physical pain can be directly addressed.

Flexibility and posture
Zero Balancing helps with natural realignment, flexibility and improved posture by focusing on major weight-bearing joints of the body to improve function and balance.

Reparative touch
Sometimes our natural responses to touch have been distorted by trauma, abuse, prolonged physical pain or illness. ZB establishes a clear interface between giver and receiver in which the boundaries of touch and communication are both sensitive yet well defined. The safety of this respectful connection enables a person to fully inhabit their body and to rediscover the positive aspects of human touch.

Mind-Body awareness
Zero Balancing can also facilitate the release of mental habits and patterns of emotional response that no longer serve us, aiding self awareness and reconnecting us with our essential selves.

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