Sports Massage

Sports Massage

What is a sports massage?

Sports massage refers to the approach taken by the therapist rather than any particular techniques. While a typical spa-type massage is intended primarily for relaxing effect, sports massage focuses primarily on therapeutic effect and on aiding and speeding-up the healing process in tired and sore muscles.

The massage therapist brings together a blend of techniques, knowledge and advice during the treatment to help achieve optimum performance, injury-free training and to minimise post event injuries.

What are the Benefits of Sports Massage?

Sports massage has a range of benefits including releasing muscle tightness, speeding up recovery, increasing athletic performance and range of motion, and aiding the body to cope with more frequent or intense training. Sports massage can also promote an overall sense of relaxation which can benefit all areas of your life including work performance, and improved sleep.

Sports massage increases blood flow to the muscles and expedites the removal of waste products, keeping muscles supple, healthy and performing at their best. The sports massage therapist will also feel for local areas of tension known as trigger points, and know where and how to manipulate the muscle to release this tension, improving muscle function and preventing injury.

In this way, sports massage can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement, whether you are an athlete, an ardent keep-fitter or a once a week jogger.

What Techniques Are Used in Sports Massage?

Sports massage tends to be deeper and more intense than a relaxing therapeutic massage. It is based on Swedish massage and often incorporates other soft tissue techniques involving stretching, compression, friction, toning, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, and trigger point response techniques similar to acupressure and shiatsu.

Sports massage is a bespoke treatment. Your therapist will discuss your goals with you and any particular issues you are having, and tailor the techniques used.

Is it only for sports people?

Anyone can benefit from sports massage as it aids in musculoskeletal function, posture and relaxation as well as the direct therapeutic effect on the muscles. People in physically demanding jobs or those suffering from occupational, emotional and postural stress may have similar symptoms to sports injuries. Muscle pain and tension, strains and sprains, and minor day-to-day injuries can also be helped with sports massage.

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